Strategic Partnership

Together, let’s make this happen. I specialize in a holistic approach to marketing and design that is backed by strategy and research, specifically for personal and service brands. My clients say I bring clarity and that my designs attract their core audience. I can work with you to develop a complete brand identity and set a path for your digital presence. You move forward with the tools to increase your reach and share your services with the world.

The Process

Let's discover your brand


We kick off the project with a 1.5 hr workshop with your executive team. I walk you through brand visioning exercises and we get deep about what you dream for your service, where you want to go and what your needs are now in terms of digital presence.


I deliver a creative brief based on our workshop that outlines your brand approach and visual direction and focuses on your long-term vision. It will also lay out the messaging and exact copy writing and verbiage your organization needs to connect with your audience. You will get to see exactly what inspiration I’m drawing from and get a sense of what the design and strategy will look like. Once you sign off on this document we move on to the next step.


Using tailored brand strategy, market research and the one logo design method, I develop and refine concepts until I arrive at the absolute best option for your brand.


On our scheduled date you’ll get a full brand and strategy presentation for your executive team. I will walk you through the design, approach and rationale. You’ll have time for questions on the call and are given time after, to provide feedback and request refinement. Once the brand is finalized, we move on to execution. (Please note all meetings can be conducted over Zoom)


I provide training and assist with initial set up of media channels, engagement funnels and reach campaigns with your operations team. I also provide organization wide training on the brand- how to use it and how to incorporate your message and brand into every aspect of your organization. This makes every team member an advocate and increases your overall unity. Additionally all collateral materials will be designed and finalized (banners, posters, postcards)

Wrap Up

At the end of the project you’ll get a link to a cloud folder with your project presentations, logo and marketing files and detailed brand guidelines. You will also get a summary document that reminds you of what is included and where to find all your visual assets. This way it will be easy and fun to stay on-brand moving forward.

Questions + Answers

Why is it that some design seems to really ‘work’ and other design doesn’t?

The success of your brand depends first on the clarity of your message. Skilled designers can follow any design brief and deliver something cohesive and eye catching. The disconnect comes when the starting message isn’t clear. Often what happens is you end up with a great design that doesn’t actually say what you want it to say because your message wasn’t clear from the start. In my design process I first work with you to clarify your message and goals. I take time to discover what makes you and your service brand truly unique within your market. I take an approach that considers the wider context of your operation and your values. All of these considerations inform my design choices. Design is a language and it can speak directly to your ideal audience. When you are clear about what you want to say and why, your design becomes the vehicle to amplify your message.

What is a brand and how can this meet all of my organization’s needs?

Defining your brand gives your operation a road map so that every aspect of your organization is focused. It prevents mission drift and increases the effectiveness of your outreach. Your organization’s brand is everything from your internal policies to how you greet new audience members. It’s the tone of voice and type of content you write, speak and share. It is also how you talk about your services, how you share your messages and where you choose to put your messages. Often, organizations will opt for piece meal consultant work- a marketing coach here and a designer there. This leaves you without the support of execution or the clarity of design informed by strategy. Working with a brand and design consultant allows you to get the benefits of a strategic marketing approach and skilled design.

A brand is a big investment, do I really need that?

Having a cohesive brand builds trust with your audience because they can see that you believe in your organization and you invest in your business. Having a brand you are proud of also boosts your motivation and confidence in your own work, and that increases the effectiveness of your operation as a whole. Having a cohesive brand increases your organization’s productivity because you don’t lose time reinventing your messaging for every new marketing need. Finally, having a solid brand means you spend less time explaining your value. This makes it easier to overcome barriers to engagement and allows for greater connection between you and your people. Ultimately, a well-designed and complete brand identity translates into more engagement and a growing organization.

How long does a project usually take? How quickly can I have a new brand up and running?

The development process, from the date of the discovery workshop through presentation, takes four weeks. After final brand is approved, execution takes two weeks to one month, depending on deliverables. Ideally, Staff trainings are scheduled and executed during the wrap-up week. This timeline is also dependent on all written copy and materials for deliverables being provided by your organization in a timely manner. This includes but is not limited to photography and written copy for website and PDFs. I provide guidance on what is needed and how to meet these delivery goals successfully.

Design Amplifies Your Message

Increase organization productivity and effectiveness

Increase engagement

Empower your team

Investment in advertising is more targeted and effective

Clarify your message

Build trust with your community

Do more good

By The Numbers:

Design Matters



For every $100 a business spends on design, they receive a $225 return in profit



75% of customers admit to making judgements about a company’s credibility based on their design.



94% of a customer’s first impressions are design related.

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