Solopreneurs + Personal Brands

Do you have an incredible passion for helping people improve their lives? Maybe you are a chef or accountant or doula and you’ve been building your reputation on the side for a couple of years now. You  have an established customer base but you are starting to feel the limitations of your DIY brand.

Your website, social media and email are a bit of a mix and the ‘look’ just doesn’t reflect your expertise.

Maybe you are looking for guidance on what your brand truly is, and how your brand should show up in the marketplace. You still don’t really have a logo but you know a cohesive brand would help you level up.

The problem is you don’t want to be limited by a brand that doesn’t fit and its hard to imagine what your brand could look like. You’re a little on the introvert side and even talking about ‘your brand’ makes you cringe a little, but your skills are on point.

What you need is a brand that speaks your passion for you. A brand that really matches your skills and expertise.

Design Packages to Fit Your Needs

Brand Discovery

Logo system

Fonts + Colors

Design and Photography direction

Brand Persona/Voice defined

Social media profile + templates

Digital Engagement Plan

Brand guidelines

Brand Marketing*

2 Instagram ads

Business cards + Stationery

Suite of stock photography for brand use

newsletter design

Lead generator PDF design (up to 10 pages)

Set of 20 ad templates for your lead generator

Lead generation set-up + email templates

*Must have established logo and brand guidelines prior to purchasing the Brand Marketing package.