For Brands With Swagger
Hello! I'm Angela 
I help brave people with their big ideas, who want to change the world. I am a brand designer.
And I am an artist. I am inspired by nature, the complexity of the human condition and the power of imagination. I believe in si se puede, in supporting local farms, in written in the stars, in la sangre llama. For me, design is a language, like any other, with grammar, history and slang. I bring a big picture perspective to help you develop business design that has depth and resonance with a modern voice. I have training in digital design and a variety of fine art methods and the technical know-how to produce great design and stunning illustration. While I have the technical and creative expertise to deliver great design, my passion is helping you understand how to use design so that your brand says EVERYTHING you want it to say. I am not just an artist but a translator, giving you the tools and confidence to make your voice heard in a visually dynamic way. A rebel at heart, I help you use design to represent your business’s core values and passion in a way that breaks the mold- helping you to do business differently. I start by asking you where you want to be in ten years and I help you build a brand to get you there.
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