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Building Your Style

Do you have an incredible passion for helping people improve their lives? Maybe you are a nonprofit organization, charter school or faith-based organization. Maybe you are a personal chef, writer, accountant or doula. Whatever your size, you are all about helping and connecting with people- your services make the world a better place.

The problem is, while you have an established customer base, your brand doesn’t really reflect your community or all that you have to offer. Your website, social media and email are a bit of a mix and the ‘look’ just doesn’t reflect your expertise. You aren’t about marketing or selling and struggle to feel authentic when it comes to taking your brand digital and increasing your reach.

Your operation is multifaceted and while it’s time for a cohesive digital brand to help you stay relevant, you need a worthwhile option that will set you up with a plan, clarify your message and provide incredible design.

What you need is a proven process, a clear plan and a brand that builds trust with your audience.

This is going to require more than simply a great designer or marketing master. In addition to talent and design knowledge, you’ll need someone with an understanding of strategy, social behavior and culture too. That is where I come in.

So Who am I?

With a proven process, research, and strategy, I work with you to develop a digital brand that matches your skills and expertise and reflects YOUR value. My goal is to develop a brand for you that is a true reflection of your services and a foundation that will grow with you, as you help improve people’s lives. What sets you apart is your unique approach and perspective- when you build a brand to reflect this, you build a brand that wins.

I am a translator, giving you the tools and confidence to share your message and increase your reach. I help you use digital marketing and design to represent your operation’s core values and passion in a way that breaks the mold- helping you to do ‘business’ differently. I start by asking you where you want to be in ten years, and I help you build a brand to get you there.

My experiences studying design and social behavior and years of working with entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations has shaped my vision into a completely unique perspective. In 2018 I started my own design company and have been helping personal and service brands just like yourself ever since.


Angela Soliz is a graphic designer and brand consultant. She has consulted for Career Success Schools Charter District, Digital Ready Now remote marketing firm, the YWCA of Southern Arizona, The American Association of University Women Tucson chapter, Material Research, L3C and Sustainable Valley Group Trust, among others. She has crafted visual design for a variety of small businesses from tortilla companies and CBD wellness products to professional coaches, published authors, co-working spaces and women’s networks. Angela specializes in a holistic approach to design that is backed by strategy and research, specifically for service brands. One of her passions is teaching business owners and nonprofit leaders that design and branding are tools for connection, inspiration and empowerment. Because your difference is the most powerful tool you have.

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Together, let’s make this happen. I specialize in a holistic approach to marketing and design that is backed by strategy and research, specifically for personal and service brands. My clients say I bring clarity and that my designs attract their core audience. I can work with you to develop a complete brand identity and set a path for your digital presence. You move forward with the tools to increase your reach and share your services with the world.


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Graphic design for your organization’s unique identity

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